Hotel Ravesis is the ultimate celebration destination.
There’s a space for every occasion, big or small.
Host a cocktail event in the upstairs lounge, a sit down lunch or dinner in the restaurant,
or a drinks gathering on the terrace.

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  • Lounge 1
  • Lounge 2
  • Lounge 5
  • Lounge Function


capacity 40 pax seated 110 pax standing.

private event space with private bar and access to a terrace. option to use our house system or host your own entertainment.

our lounge is open to the public friday and saturday evenings so we cannot accommodate exclusive functions in that space on these evenings.

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  • Side Terrace 2
  • Side Terrace 1
  • Lounge 5
  • Side Terrace Function

Side Terrace

accommodates groups big and small
minimum 15 pax maximum 60 pax.

from casual spaces to fully catered events- please contact our friendly events team for assistance.

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  • Front Terrace 1
  • Front Function 2
  • Front Terrace 2
  • Front Function 1
  • Front Terrace3

Front Terrace

outside front terrace sit down for 50 pax with an
additional 20 pax inside adjoining the terrace
maximum 90 pax.

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  • Accommodation Stay Room 12 Grade 2
  • Accommodation Stay Room 12 Copy
  • RAVESIS 180215 Room12 Angle6 3


Situated on the top floor of the Hotel, with uninterrupted views of the beach,
The Loft offers an intimate space for private entertaining.

Product launches | Bespoke Media events | Corporate functions

Seated 20, standing 35

*Not available for parties

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  • Restaurant5
  • Restaurant1
  • Restaurant2
  • Restaurant3
  • Restaurant4
  • Restaurant6


capacity 44 seated.
this include 18 pax for the banquette.

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