Sex on the Beach

A Delicious fruity punch

45 ml Vodka 
15 ml Peach Schnapps
60 ml Grapefruit Juice
60 ml Cranberry Juice
30 ml Orange Juice

Add ice and all ingredients to Boston. Shake and strain over ice into a Highball.

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Cherry

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Perfect combination or Tart lemon and Mint

60 ml Gin
15 ml Sugar Syrup
6 x Lemon Wedges or 30ml Lemon juice
10-12 Mint leaves (clap mint to release flavour)

Add lemon & syrup; Muddle; Add rest of Ing.; Shake and fine strain into Coup.

Glass: Coup
Garnish: Mint Leaf

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Made famous by the girls in sex and the city, drink like a true New Yorker


45 ml Citrus Vodka – we recommend Absolut Citroen
15 ml Cointreau
30 ml Cranberry juice
2 x lime Wedged Squeezed

Add ice and all ingredients to a Boston. Shake and fine strain into a Martini.

Glass: Martini
Garnish: Orange Zest

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Bloody Mary

Known as the Hangover Cure and the Perfect Excuse to drink with breakfast

60 ml Vodka – we recommend Absolut
100 ml Tomato Juice
10 ml Lemon Juice
8x dash Worcestershire
8 x dash Tobasco – you choose this based on your spice preferences
Pinch Celery Salt
5 x turns Black Pepper
5 x turns Salt

Add ice and all ingredients to a Boston. Roll till mixed. Strain over ice into a Collins.

Glass: Collins (Rim with Chilli & Salt mix if desired)
Garnish: Cucumber slice Lemon Wedge & Olive on Skewer (or Celery if available)

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Ameretto Sour

Nuttiness mixed with citrus what more do you want

60 ml Amaretto – we love Saliza 
30 ml Lemon Juice
15 ml Sugar Syrup
Egg White
Dash Bitters

Add ice and all ingredients to a Boston. Shake very hard and strain over ice into a Double Old Fashion.

Glass: Double Old Fashion.
Garnish: Bitters line across foam and a Cherry

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Dark N Stormy

Picture yourself sipping on this sitting on a beach in the Caribbean – pure bliss

60mL Dark Rum – We recommend Kraken
20mL Lime Juice
3 dash Bitters
Ginger Beer

Add Lime & ginger beer to Collins glass over ice. Add Rum & Bitters.

Garnish: Lime Wheel
Glass: Collins/High Ball

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Long Island Iced Tea

A cocktail created when you just cant chose which white spirit base you want, you have them all!!

10 ml  Vodka
10 ml Cointreau
10 ml White Rum
10 ml Gin
10 ml Tequila
30 ml Lemon Juice
Top w/ Cola *

Add ice and all ingredients except Cola to a Boston. Stir and strain over ice into a Highball. Top w/ Cola

Glass: Highball/Collins
Garnish: Lemon Wheel

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A True classic that radiates class & elegance, sipped in bars all over the World since prohibition

5-10 ml Noilly Pratt Vermouth
60 ml Gin OR Vodka (guests choice)

Dry – discard Noilly
Wet – Keep Noilly

Vodka = Any – Recommend Grey Goose
Gin = Any – Recommend Beefeater 24

Add ice and Vermouth to Boston. Rinse; discard (if Dry); then add Gin/Vodka. Stir 18-20 times till chilled and diluted. Fine strain into a Martini

Guests choice of Olives x 3
Lime twist
Lemon twist

*dirty Martini add 10 ml Olive brine after rinse

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Nothing screams summer and refreshing quite like MOJITO!

60 ml White Rum
15 ml Sugar Syrup
10 ml Lime Juice
10 Mint leaves
6 x Lime Chunks
Splash of Soda

Muddle Lime chunks and Mint. Add all liquids and 3/4 crushed ice. Build into Highball. Top w/ crushed ice and splash of Soda

Garnish: Mint Sprig
Glass: Collins/High Ball

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